Scott Taylor, Ed.D.

Scott is the President and Executive Director of The Monroe Institute. TMI advances the exploration of human consciousness and the experience of expanded states of awareness as a path to creating a life of personal freedom, meaning, insight and happiness. He is also author and voice of six best-selling CDs of guided meditations on near-death experiences in his “Into the Light” series. He is a spiritual teacher, speaker and researcher on near-death experiences.

Scott’s gift is the ability to make the exploration of the nonphysical universe accessible to the curious.

Dr. Taylor has been a trainer for The Monroe Institute for over 30 years. He is an expert in the use of Hemi-Sync®, a binaural beat technology, to achieve and hold expanded states of consciousness.

He has served two stints on the board of the International Association for Near-Death Studies and serves as moderator of their international conventions.

He has recently retired faculty member at South Central College in N. Mankato, MN where he mentored small business owners. He is an accomplished business leader and former CEO skilled in a broad range of leadership and business issues.

His doctorate is in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas and his dissertation topic was “Near-Death Experiences: Discovering and living in unity.”

Taylor is passionate about the ancient sport of curling having made a run at the Olympics in 1991. He and his wife make their home in the frozen north of Minnesota.

Scott attended Gateway Voyage® in 1983, became an Outreach Trainer in 1985 and Residential Trainer in 1998.