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Howard Martin, Heartmath: Lift 2019: Change your Life, Help Change the World

Howard Martin, Heartmath
Lift 2019: Change your Life, Help Change the World

The Situation:

Most of us have been experiencing a speeding up in our lives. We feel it on the inside. We experience it in the busyness of our daily activities. Day-to-day life often feels like a relentless, accelerating momentum that is hard to keep up with.

The Challenge:

How do we find the balance needed to flow with the evolutionary speed of change, to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment instead of just feeling like we are surviving?

The Opportunity:

The same un-seen forces that are driving high-speed, chaotic change are also giving us the ability to grow, to learn to change in positive ways unlike ever before in the history of humankind.

The Solution:

Our ability to make choices that align us with this expansion of consciousness and co-creative power come not from the mind alone but rather from the core of our being—from the intelligence of the heart.

*** Developing the intelligence of the heart and leading a more heart-connected life are evolutionary imperatives of these times. ***


Experience Howard Martin—author, celebrated international speaker and progressive business leader—one of the most compelling voices of our times. Howard Martin, a key HeartMath leader, is co-Author of the highly acclaimed book The HeartMath Solution and contributing author of Heart Intelligence. Perhaps you have read his books, heard him speak or have seen him in movies like The Power of the Heart, The Incredible You and The Truth.

Now, you have the opportunity to do a special program with him to learn and experience the profound work of the HeartMath.

Backed by More Than 25 Years of Research… And Earning The Trust of More Than 5 Million People… In More Than 100 Countries.

Used by: Fortune 500 Companies, The Military, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools and Many Thousands of People Pursuing Personal Growth.

In this Special Program you will:

  • Learn about a dimensional shift in consciousness
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the global changes we are experiencing
  • Experience science-based techniques to access more intuition, reduce feelings of overload, fear and insecurity and use your core power to affect planetary consciousness
  • Understand break-through research on heart/brain/body communication
  • Learn to access more intuition, manage your emotions, reduce feelings of overload, fear and insecurity
  • Witness a real-time demonstration of the heart’s biological communication
  • Explore HeartMath’s interconnectivity research on energetic field environments and how we relate to them

"Howard Martin is one of those men in the world who has been given the gift of communication. That is to say, he has the ability to be crystal clear. If you ever have a chance to hear Howard Martin speak, by all means, do so. He’s funny, he’s warm, he’s clear, and you will walk away with more insight and information than you’ve had in a very long time"
~ Chantal Westerman, Executive Producer, ABC’s Good Morning America

Suzanne Giesemann: What Does Love Have To Do with It?

Suzanne Giesemann
What Does Love Have To Do with It?

 Life has a way of showing us when we’ve gotten off track.  Do you often find yourself hitting a wall, whether in your personal, professional, or spiritual life?  Your soul knows why you came here.

Learn how raising your consciousness results not only in greater peace and happiness, but in a much clearer connection with the spirit world, guides, and inspirers.  You will be amazed at the clarity of direction you receive and how things more easily fall into place as your life moves along the track illuminated by your higher connection.

Elizabeth Veney Boisson & Susanne Wilson: Love Lives Forever, Lunch Included

Love Lives Forever
Elizabeth Veney Boisson & Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium

Lunch is included

A Presentation of Hope & Healing, Followed by Messages from the Spirit World

Did you know that loved ones in spirit arrange synchronicities to help their families here on Earth? Whenever a spirit loved one practices connecting with family on Earth, others in the Spirit World are helping and cheering him on. This may lead to the development of new friendships that begin after physical death. These friends can grow very close, to the point where people, including children, who have met in Heaven will arrange to have their families on Earth meet and give each other hope and healing.

Susanne Wilson and Elizabeth Boisson will share the true story of "Hiking in Heaven."  Susanne will explain exactly how loved ones in spirit arrange amazing sychronicities in the lives of their families who are on Earth. You will learn how to invite and recognize signs and synchronicities that your loved ones in spirit send to you.

Susanne will give messages from the Spirit World to attendees for the majority of the session. Although no one will be guaranteed to receive a message, please listen very closely. You may find a golden gem that will touch your heart, bringing hope and healing to you.

Gretchen Bickert: Using the Ancient Science of Sound for Transformation, Healing, and Harmony

Gretchen Bickert

Using the Ancient Science of Sound for Transformation, Healing, and Harmony

The magical power of Sound and Music has been used as a healing modality since ancient times. This ancient science is making a comeback and is now backed by research into its healing benefits. Sound can help you relax, find balance, heal, remove energetic blocks, connect you to source, and more! And the best thing about it - is that its simple, and accessible to anyone.

During this session we will journey into the world of sound and learn how sound can create subtle but profound positive changes in our bodies, including how to use sound to introduce you to higher states of consciousness. Different techniques will be shared and experienced that you can do on your own to assist in your own healing and transformation. As we fine tune ourselves, we begin living in harmony with the universe. Gretchen will immerse you in a magnificent, healing sound bath!

Suzanne Giesemann: Special Session with Sanaya

Suzanne Giesemann
Special Session with Sanaya

Suzanne will demonstrate channeling wisdom from higher realms using mental mediumship to connect with her guides, Sanaya. The passing of divine wisdom from higher level beings to those living on the Earth plane is vital to raising our consciousness.  When a mental medium channels higher beings, the medium attunes to different frequencies than those typically used by evidential mediums when contacting the deceased.  Prior to connecting with Sanaya, Suzanne will give a discussion of the mechanics of channeling and what the audience can gain from this sacred experience.

Arizona Bell Panel: The Diversity of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Panel: Have You Had A Wake-up Call?
A Diversity of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Moderator: Arizona Bell, Co-founder & editorial director of Spirit Guides Magazine

Scott Taylor, Ed.D.
President, The Monroe Institute
Karla Kay
Mind Body Spirit

Ned Matinnia

Ernie Jackson
Shining Light Parent
Kathy Scott Perry
Spiritual Teacher


Caroline Sutherland: The Art of High Vibration Living: How To Amp Up Your Health Equation

Caroline Sutherland
The Art of High Vibration Living: How To Amp Up Your Health Equation

We know that part of High Vibration Living is having a healthy body.

Caroline Sutherland, author and medical intuitive in her action-packed 75-minute presentation will teach you:

  • How to maximize your energy
  • Why hormones – are a key to anti-aging
  • Which foods boost your energy and enhance your brain
  • How to arrest the death process
  • Follow your bliss – do what you love
  • How to maximize the “ribbon of life”
  • How to ignite the high-octane sex secret
  • How a daily meditation practice can tap into The Universe

Here’s what Louise Hay said about Caroline: “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”

– Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life (1926 – 2017)

Visit online at www.carolinesutherland.com

Caroline Sutherland is a Medical Intuitive and popular author of The Body Knows books series. She was discovered in 1999 by Louise Hay who recognized Caroline’s unique gift to “see” into the body.

Joshua Tongol: Believing the Impossible Despite the Challenges That Come Your Way

Joshua Tongol
Believing the Impossible Despite the Challenges That Come Your Way

Every generation has its own built-in assumptions—even ours. For example, we’ve been told by family, friends, and educators what to believe and what not to believe, what’s possible and what’s impossible, what’s scientific and what’s science fiction. Unfortunately, many have settled for what’s considered to be “normal”and “realistic.” But the good news is: there’s a “higher way” of seeing the world—beyond the limitations created by the human mind—that will not only benefit you, but the rest of humanity as well.

In this session, learn from an intuitive energy healer and out-of-body explorer:

  • How to have a mindset for the “impossible”
  • The importance of following your unique spiritual path
  • The common mistakes close-minded skeptics make
  • Simple tips on how to respond to negativity

(*On a personal note, Joshua was born with only one hand, and in the early 2000s he was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease and also suffered from excruciating pain related to a back injury. His story of healing has been an inspiration to many.)


George Noory Panel: Ask The Experts

George Noory Panel
Ask The Experts!

George adds his flair as an entertainer and investigator into all things paranormal to assemble six of our expert presenters questions onstage to answer questions written on slips of paper by members of the audience. Anything is fair game during this question-and-answer session. Audience members may ask any questions about the afterlife, afterlife communication, the paranormal, or the presenters themselves.

Panel: John Holland, Susanne Wilson, Vincent Genna, Howard Martin, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Joshua Tongol, William Stickevers

Kathy Scott Perry: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Kathy Scott Perry
Forgiving the Unforgivable

Within a three-year period, Kathy lost her 3-month-old granddaughter to sids, while in her care, and both her former husband and her 27-year-old daughter were murdered in separate incidences. In this deeply personal, but highly spiritual and inspiring talk, she will share how she healed by connecting with her loved ones through mediums, practicing forgiveness, using various healing modalities and tools, along with inspired action. All of which led her to live a happy, fulfilled, and productive life. Her riveting talk is inspiring, humorous, uplifting and packed with information that you can take home and implement immediately. It includes an experiential forgiveness exercise that is guaranteed to change your life!


Rosemary Ellen Guiley: Contact and Transformation

Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Contact and Transformation

Individuals from all walks of life, all around the planet, are having contact experiences with Nonhuman Intelligent Beings. Many report profound, positive changes as a result: physical and psychic transformations similar to kundalini awakenings; cosmic consciousness; openings of the heart chakra; and a new awareness of the emerging “Transdimensional Earth.” Related are NDEs, OBEs, and new views on the afterlife and reincarnation that, once they are understood can help raise the spiritual vibration of humankind.


Scott Taylor, Ed.D.: What Do “Nearly-Dead” People Tell Us About Living?

Scott Taylor, Ed.D. 

What Do “Nearly-Dead” People Tell Us About Living?

Persons who have come back from the brink of death tell amazing stories.  Near-death experiencers also bring back a changed perspective on the world we live in and to their friends, family, spouses and God.  What have they experienced?  What wisdom did they gain?  How does this knowledge impact all of us?

Attendees will learn:

  • What is a near-death experience
  • The components of an NDE
  • How NDErs experience changes their perspective
  • How NDErs live in physical world
  • How non-NDErs can know the wisdom of experiencers.

A presentation by Dr. Scott Taylor
The Monroe Insitutute

William Stickevers: Using Astrology to Live According to Your Soul’s Code and Calling

William Stickevers

Using Astrology to Live According to Your Soul’s Code and Calling 

The birth horoscope is a symbolic blueprint of one’s personal psyche, the concept that one is born with a personal calling and specific destiny. Through understanding our birth horoscope we can understand our essential character enabling us to live out our own special destiny, recognizing that parental upbringing, early environment, primary education are only tertiary factors in personal development. As we understand our soul’s code and calling from the birth horoscope, we can reframe our personal biography and stories, transforming personal crisis and tragedy, as deeper initiations into soul awakenings mark the beginning of one’s path to enlightenment.

Vincent Genna, MSW: We Can Talk with the Animals!

Vincent Genna, MSW
We Can Talk with the Animals!

We CAN talk with the animals! Everyone can! We’ve been able to communicate with the animals of the Earth since Atlantis. ALL LIVING THINGS HERE COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER IN SOME WAY!

However, as humans began to separate from Source and forget their divine nature, they began to separate from their higher selves, and each other, as well as from the earth and all life on it. As a result, we lost track of our innate ability to be psychic and intune to our souls and all other life. Our internal listening and communicating skills went dormant. Until now!

Since the recent shift in New Age and New Thought consciousness, we are waking up our psychic awareness and starting to hear and feel our higher connections again. And many are even waking up their ability to talk with the animals, and you can too!

During this talk, you will learn how to actually communicate with your pets, and other animals, as well. AND most important, you will learn to use the insight you gain from pets to help heal yourself and others! There is a direct link between what pets experience during their lives with their owners and what the owners are experiencing in their own lives!

This will certainly be one of the most unique and exciting lectures you have attended. Learn to be your own Dr. Dolittle!

Arizona Bell: Living Your Best Life Now: What death taught me about how we can live our most authentic, highest-vibe lives

Arizona Bell
Living Your Best Life Now: What death taught me about how we can live our most authentic, highest-vibe lives

Grief is the strongest emotion there is, next to love. And emotions—energy in motion—must move, lest they get stuck in our bodies and perpetuate unhappiness, dis-ease, and a life full of limitations. Grief Recovery Coach and author Arizona Bell says that what we do with our guaranteed losses and challenges throughout our lives—how we harness and distribute their energy—determines the kind of life that we gain when all is said and done, for better or for worse.

Living our best life is not only what we are meant to learn to do in our human incarnation—it’s what our deceased loved ones want most for us. In this life design presentation, Bell presents the lessons gleaned from death, grief, and subsequent connections with the afterlife that have brought her to now living the miraculous life of her dreams.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn the alchemy of harnessing the love-vibrational energy of grief, sorrow, or depression and transmuting it into spiritual gold, resulting in alignment with your highest purpose in this lifetime
  • Be equipped with the tools to begin switching gears from a fear-based, limited mindset to love-based, limitless mindset
  • Be inspired to align your life with the most authentic truth of who you are and manifest your highest-vibe life


George Noory & John Holland: Saturday Dinner Gala Event: Power Of The Soul | Inside Wisdom for an Outside World

George Noory & John Holland: Saturday Dinner Gala Event


Power Of The Soul | Inside Wisdom for an Outside World Featuring John Holland | Spiritual Teacher & Psychic Medium

This transformational and energetic keynote lecture, Power of the Soul | Inside Wisdom for an Outside World has been designed to help you to follow your true soul’s path and to assist you in reconnecting with your natural spiritual abilities. If you’ve ever felt overcome with feelings of being trapped, constrained, or unfulfilled or you often ask yourself: “What is my purpose?” then this lecture will show you how to tap in to one of the most powerful and magical forces in the Universe—your Soul!

John’s keynote lecture will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding the relevance and purpose of your soul and how to open yourself to its guiding higher consciousness.
  • Learning the 4 major ways that your soul tries to get your attention.
  • Dismantling the barriers created by your outer-self, so you can unveil the power of your authentic inner-self.
  • Breaking free from psychological constraints that have prevented you from identifying and realizing your full potential.
  • Enhancing your body, mind, and soul … to live a life of balance and harmony.

* BONUS: John will end his keynote lecture with a demonstration of his mediumship and illustrate how he uses his psychic soul senses to connect to the Other-Side to give messages to some of the participants.

“I believe the soul can assist you with a deeper understanding of life and your connection to a higher power. By following the inner-wisdom of your soul, you’ll be on your way to a better understanding of who you are and more importantly … who you can become!”

~ John Holland, International Psychic Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Panel: The Diversity of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Panel: Have You Had A Wake-up Call?
A Diversity of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Moderator: Arizona Bell, Co-founder & editorial director of Spirit Guides Magazine

Scott Taylor, Ed.D.
President, The Monroe Institute
Karla Kay
Mind Body Spirit

Ned Matinnia

Ernie Jackson
Shining Light Parent
Kathy Scott Perry
Spiritual Teacher


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